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안드로이드 OS의 버전이라기 보다는 API level이라고 해야 정확합니다. 예를 들어 build.gradle(Module:app)에서 호환성과 관련된 값으로 minSdkVersion과 targetSdkVersion이 있습니다. 이 키의 값들은 안드로이드 OS버전(예:5.0, 6.0, 7.0)과 밀접한 관련이 있는 API level을 의미합니다 Note. Beginning in August 2020, the Google Play Console requires that new apps target API level 29 (Android 10.0) or higher. Existing apps are required to target API level 29 or higher beginning in November 2020. For more information, see Target API level requirements for the Play Console in Create and set up your app in the Play Console documentation Android 7. 0 api level Las versiones en evolución de Android están organizadas en familias con nombres internos que van alfabéticos y se inspiran en golosinas. Los nombres internos de las plataformas NDK, las versiones, los niveles de API y las versiones internas corresponden a los siguientes números de versión, niveles de API y versiones de NDK 2020년 8월부터 Google Play 콘솔을 사용하려면 새 앱이 API 수준 29 (Android 10.0) 이상의 대상을 지정해야 합니다. 기존 앱은 2020년 11월부터 API 수준 29를 대상으로 해야 합니다

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  1. Android development releases are organized into families, with alphabetical codenames that are inspired by tasty treats. This page provides information about Platform codenames, versions, API levels, and NDK releases, with an explanation of the build ID definitions associated with them. Note that you might require additional codename-version details, depending on your use case
  2. code name Version API level P 2 API level p Oreo 8.1 API level 27 Oreo 8.0 API level 26 Nougat 7.1 API level 25 Nougat 7.0 API level 24 Marshmallo..
  3. Android Name Version numbers API level Release date; No name: 1.0: 1: September 23, 2008: No name: 1.1: 2: February 9, 2009: Cupcake: 1.5: 3: April 27, 2009: Donut: 1.
  4. 8.0: 2017/08/21: O: Android Oreoの概要 ・通知(通知チャンネルの導入・通知バッジなど) ・自動入力フレームワークの導入 ・JobSchedulerの改善 など 2018年からのAPIレベルの要件 Android 8.0 で暗黙的ブロードキャストが受信できない: Nougat: 25: 7.1.1: 2016/12/05: N_MR
  5. SDK版本名 API Level; Android 11.0 (R) 30: Android 10.0 (Q) 29: Android 9.0 (Pie) 28: Android 8.1 (Oreo) 27: Android 8.0 (Oreo) 26: Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) 25: Android 7.0 (Nougat) 24: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) 23: Android 5.1 (Lollipop) 22: Android 5.0 (Lollipop
  6. 빌드 도구, 버전 18.0.1(2013년 7월) Android 4.3(API 수준 18) 빌드 타겟의 지원 기능이 추가되었습니다. 빌드 도구, 버전 17(2013년 5월) 첫 출시입니다. 일반 사항: Android 4.2(API 수준 17) 빌드 타겟의 지원이 포함되었습니다
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Change language programmatically (Android N 7.0 - API 24) Ask Question Asked 5 years ago. Active 6 months ago. And it works perfectly up to API level 23. With Android N SharedPreferences works well too, it returns the correct language code-string, but it does not change the locale. 阿里云开发者社区为开发者提供和android7.0 api level相关的问题,如果您想了解android7.0 api level相关的问题,欢迎来阿里云开发者社区。阿里云开发者社区还有和云计算,大数据,算法,人工智能,数据库,机器学习,开发与运维,安全等相关的问题,想了解更多信息,就来阿里云开发者社区吧

Android 4.0-4.0.2 Ice Cream Sandwich (API level 14) SDK Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich), berdasarkan kernel Linux 3.0.1, dirilis pada 19 Oktober 2011. Petinggi Google, Gabe Cohen, menyatakan bahwa Android 4.0 secara teoretis kompatibel dengan perangkat Android 2.3x yang diproduksi pada saat itu Android 版本. Google 对外正式发布的版本,除了部分厂商(国产)会对这些版本做些修改,大部分手机预装的系统与Google正式发布版本差别不大。 API LEVEL. Android开发者使用的用于开发Android应用程序的SDK 版本,因为Google会不断对外发布新Android版本,版本的修改需反映到开发者的SDK上,为了避免不同版本. The new version of Android defaults to Android 9.0 (API level 28) and apps built using this version will now meet the new requirements. For updates to existing apps on the Play Store you can still use cli-7.1.0 as a minimum until November 1st, 2019 after which you must update to cli-9.0.0 or use the method below

API level 7.0 2016年8月23日 パフォーマンスの向上. Dozeの改良; バックグラウンド処理の最適化; マルチウィンドウ機能の導入; パーミッションの変更(ファイルシステム) アプリ間のファイルの共有; 通知の機能強 Android 1.0 (API 1 - 4) Alpha、Beta 初期还未完成的版本以里程碑(Milestone)的M来作编号(如m3, m5)后面接rc号码(如m3-rc37a),再细分为每星期的结果WB或测试序号TC。至2009年团队认为这些编号太难分辨和记忆,所以改成CRA29,而这也某程度上决定了后来使用英文字母排序的方式来命名代号 cordova-android 7.0.0 depends on android-versions 1.2.1. Since android-versions is a bundled dependency, the latest applicable version of it when cordova-android 7.0.0 was published is the one that is always used, unless a new version of cordova-android is built and published; android-versions does not include Oreo MR1 (API Level 27) until. 안드로이드 스튜디오 Android Studio API 레벨 바꾸는 두 가지 방법 환경: Android Studio 안드로이드 개발을 위해서는 어떤 기기와 API 를 대상으로 할 것인지 정해야 합니다. 안드로이드는 지금까지 발표한 OS.

Set up your development environment. Install Android Studio version 3.1 or higher with Android SDK Platform version 7.0 (API level 24) or higher.. You will need a basic understanding of Android development. If you are new to Android, see Building your first Android app for beginners. Open the sample project. This quickstart uses OpenGL, a programming interface for rendering 2D and 3D vector. Android Platform Version (API Level) Distribution (as of April 10, 2020) Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Android 7.0 Nougat (24) 7.5%: Android 7.1 Nougat (25) 5.4%: Android 8.0. API level 14, NDK 7. Honeycomb. 2016년 5월 18일(현지시각) Google I/O 2016에서 Android Wear 2.0 프리뷰가 공개되었다. 이어서 7월 12일(현지시각) Android Wear 2.0 프리뷰 2가 공개되었다. 플랫폼 API가 24로 올라갔으며 손목 제스처를 지원한다

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Android SDK - Android SDK 7.0 (API 24) or later must be installed via the Android SDK Manager. Java Developer Kit - Xamarin Android 7.0 development requires JDK 8 or later if you are developing for API level 24 or greater (JDK 8 also supports API levels earlier than 24) Starting in Android 7.0 (API level 24), Android provides enhanced support for multilingual users, allowing them to select multiple locales in settings. LocaleList API is introduced along with setLocales / getLocales in Configuration

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Just be sure that you've updated your project to use Android SDK Build Tools 24.0.0 and Android SDK Platform-Tools 24.0.0. I have installed the new SDK Platform: Android 6.X (N), API Level 24, Revision 1. However when I open SDK Tools the only Android SDK Platform-Tools version is 23.1 v4 Support Library Android 1.6 (API level 4) v7 Support Library Android 2.1 (API level 7) v13 Support Library Android 3.2 (API level 13) このように使用しているプラットフォームごとに提供されるSupport Libraryは異なり、それぞれがサポートするAPIも異なります Android 5.0は、4.4以降のメジャーバージョンである。 コードネームの「 Lollipop(ロリポップ) 」は、棒付きの ハードキャンディ のこと。 2014年6月にAndroid Lとして、開発者プレビュー版を Nexus 5 と Nexus 7 向けに公開した Fire OS 7 is based on Android 9 Pie (API level 28). Fire OS 7 was initially released for some Fire TV devices in 2019. Most 2018 Amazon Fire TV devices run on Fire OS 6, which is based on Android Nougat (Android 7.1.2, level 25). Even older Fire TV devices are on Fire OS 5 (Android 5.1, level 22)

Android Version |API Level with a newer kernel. For example, a device that has been updated to run Android 8.0 Oreo but originally shipped with 6.0 Marshmallow may still be running Linux 3.18.x instead of Linux 4.10.x. Just checked the emulator with API 26 and the kernel is 3.18.56+ - Roy Falk Dec 24 '17 at 5:3 7.5.0: 2015‑05‑28: Added support for app install and content native ad formats across AdMob and Ad Manager. Added support for custom native ad formats, available for Ad Manager reservations. 7.3.0: 2015‑04‑28: Various bug fixes. 7.0.0: 2015‑03‑19: Added addCustomTargeting() and addCategoryExclusion() methods to PublisherAdRequest. Platform と API Level. Androidはまだまだ古い機種もあるのでまともに対応するのが大変です、ただ世界のシェアなので日本はどうかはまた別の話かもしれません。. Pieは出始めなので未だ0%です。. バージョンごとの切り分けや機能テストを考えるとなるべく対応.

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Android SDK 7.1.1 'Nougat' (API level 25) or higher. In Android Studio, go to Preferences > Appearance and Behavior > System Settings > Android SDK (includes samples) to review or update installed SDKs. The latest Google VR SDK for Android. Open the Google VR SDK project in Android Studio. Extract the downloaded Google VR SDK into a convenient. Android 7.0 示例. 通过下面的代码示例,了解 Android 7.0 功能和 API。. 要在 Android Studio 中下载示例,请选择 File > New > Import Sample 菜单选项。. 注 :这些可下载的项目设计用于与 Gradle 和 Android Studio 结合使用。 Android 7.0 - 7.1.2: Android Nougat Initial Release Date: August 22, 2016 API Level(s): 24 & 25. Android 7.0 was codenamed 'Android N' at Google I/O in 2016, and the users were asked to suggest the dessert names to update the codename. Android 7.0 was finally named as Android Nougat before the public rollout If you guys are still crashing on Android 4 using the latest 2.7.1 Retrofit version, after setting the source and target compability version to 1.8 force the old OkHttp version like this, and it should work

Train Simulator 3D - Game Simulasi Kereta Api (Level 8-9) (Android Game)To see Train Simulator 3D - Game Simulasi Kereta Api (Level 6-7) (Android Game):https.. Android 10 (8,2%) Pie (31,3%) Oreo (21,3%) Nougat (12,9%) Marshmallow (11,2%) Lollipop (9,2%) KitKat (4%) JellyBean (1,7%) Ice Cream Sandwich (0,2%) Nome in codice Versione Versione del Kernel Linux Data di rilascio iniziale Livello API Note (nessun nome in codice) 1.0 2.1 23 settembre 2008 1 Petit Four 1.1 2.6 9 febbraio 2009 2 Cupcake 1.5 2.6.27 27 aprile 2009 3 Donut 1.6 2.6.29 15 settembre. Auf der Liste von Android-Versionen sind die vom Unternehmen Google freigegebenen Versionen des Betriebssystems Android aufgeführt. Die Liste bezieht sich auf Android-Versionen des Android Open Source Project. Bei modifizierten Versionen von Geräteherstellern können Funktionen fehlen oder Zusatzfunktionen vorhanden sein Android supports Vulkan, a low-overhead, cross-platform API for high-performance 3D graphics.Like OpenGL ES (GLES), Vulkan provides tools for creating high-quality, real-time graphics in apps.Advantages of using Vulkan include reductions in CPU overhead and support for the SPIR-V Binary Intermediate language.. System on chip vendors (SoCs) such as GPU independent hardware vendors (IHVs) can.

Fire OS is a mobile operating system based on the Android Open Source Project and created by Amazon for its Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers and Fire TV devices.It includes proprietary software, a customized user interface primarily centered on content consumption, and heavy ties to content available from Amazon's own storefronts and services Android 10 (codenamed Android Q during development) is the tenth major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system.It was first released as a developer preview on March 13, 2019, and was released publicly on September 3, 2019. Android 10 was officially released on September 3, 2019 for supported Google Pixel devices, as well as the third-party Essential Phone and Redmi.

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Option 1: Add Firebase using the Firebase console. Adding Firebase to your app involves tasks both in the Firebase console and in your open Android project (for example, you download Firebase config files from the console, then move them into your Android project).. Step 1: Create a Firebase project. Before you can add Firebase to your Android app, you need to create a Firebase project to. For details on API Level 25, check out the API diffs and the API reference. You can find an overview of all of the Android Nougat developer resources here, including details on the core Android 7.0 Nougat behavior changes and developer features.c . Coming to consumer devices soo Android 7.0 - 7.1.2: Android Nougat Initial Release Date: August 22, 2016 API Level(s): 24 & 25. Android 7.0 was codenamed 'Android N' at Google I/O in 2016, and the users were asked to suggest the dessert names to update the codename. Android 7.0 was finally named as Android Nougat before the public rollout

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Android API reference. Start building your Android app with the Android Platform APIs. They are available in Kotlin and Java. Note: Many Kotlin reference topics are derived from Java-based source code. This means that some Kotlin reference topics might contain Java code snippets. These additional libraries make it easy to add additional. Source: Freepik.com Some people asked me, how to access hidden APIs without reflection? What is the easiest way to access those hidden/internal classes, methods and resources? Let's dig it up! The internal APIs are located in package com.android.internal and available in the framework.jar, while the hidden APIs are located in the android.jar file with @hide javadoc attribute Android Auto や Android TV といったプラットフォームは Android 5.0 (API level 5.0) から追加されました。 これらの機能はより minSdkVersion の低いスマートフォン向けのアプリに同梱することもできますが、それぞれの機能は古いOSの端末から呼び出されることを想定していません Enable Camera2 API with Terminal Emulator. The first method to enable, camera2api, works on almost all rooted and supported Android smartphones. However, in some cases, it won't work as expected. If you are having bad luck with the first method, you can try this second method which is more comfortable and includes zero complication

Android 7.0-7.1 Nougat has been officially released for some time. As the newest operating system many users will wonder how to root Android phone fast and easily? Kingo offers every Android user a safe, fast and secure software to root your android device Android 7.0 Nougat Dibuat untuk Anda. Dengan enkripsi pada level file, Android dapat melindungi dan membatasi akses tiap file dengan lebih baik untuk setiap pengguna di perangkat Anda. API Vulkan™: API Vulkan™ adalah sebuah inovasi hebat yang dapat menampilkan grafis 3D performa tinggi Apps that target API Level 24 and above no longer trust user or admin-added CAs for secure connections, by default. All devices running Android Nougat offer the same standardized set of system CAs—no device-specific customizations. For more details on these changes and what to do if you're affected by them, read on. Safe and easy APIs

This statistic shows the Android versions market share among smartphone owners in September 2019. This month, Android version 8.0 (Oreo) had a market share of 12.9 percent among smartphone owners. Requires Android 8.0 or later Supports multiple GPU texture resolutions - 1080p, 720p, 480p: Sony: Xperia XZ1: Requires Android 8.0 or later: Sony: Xperia XZ1 Compact: Requires Android 8.0 or later: Sony: Xperia XZ2: Requires Android 8.0 or later with software update after Aug 2018 (security patch level 2018-08-05 or later) Supports Depth API. The library makes all the features announced in Android 10 (API level 29) available all the way back to Android 6 (API level 23). the latest release of the library is 1.0.0. 3. Create an. Run android.bat from the \tools directory inside your <SDK> directory. In the Android SDK Manager tree, check (enable) the following nodes: Tools node SDK Platform node within the Android <version> (API <level>) node, where <level> must be 9 or a higher value (for example, 18) Android API level 11 is required to build QtMultimedia. Android API level 18 is required to build QtBluetooth (from Qt 5.5 onwards). Android API levels 10, 11 and 16 are required for QtBase. Note that this is only necessary for building Qt itself. You can build Qt applications against any API level you wish, As long as it is equal to or higher.

Today, We rolled out quarterly updates to ensure your app supports Android API 29. Google play minimum API level requirement has recently been updated, and Android 11 has been rolled out by Google. All Apps in the google domain Google Play are expected to meet the minimum API level requirement by August 3rd, 2020 Many Android devices' hardware support OpenGL ES specification. Examples Android 7.0 Nougat (Vulkan 1.0). Android 9.0 Pie and Android 10 for Vulkan 1.1. Apple. As of June 3, 2021, there is no native support for Vulkan API provided by Apple devices. Support for iOS and macOS has not been announced by Apple 7.0—7.1.2 22 августа 2016 г. Нет 24—25 Oreo: 8.0—8.1 21 августа 2017 г. Да 26—27 Pie: 9 6 августа 2018 г. Да 28 Android 10: 10 3 сентября 2019 г. Да 29 Android 11: 11 8 сентября 2020 г. Да 30 Android 12: 12 2021 Да 3

For instance, the initial LineageOS 15.1 API level was 8, while after a some releases new APIs were added and so it was bumped to API level 9. To help decipher which APIs are available to you at any given point (if at all), we've created a copy of the Build API from AOSP allowing you to programmatically compare the devices current API version to see if specific features are available or not Android is made for business—no matter what your business is. It's a powerful platform that's open to all. That means more Android devices to choose from, built for any job. More ways to create your own custom apps. More Google innovation powering it all. Making more possible for your company 需要 Android SDK Build-Tools 25.0.0 或更高版本。 Android 7.0(API 级别 24) 如需详细了解平台变更,请参阅面向开发者的 Android 7.0。 修订版 1(2016 年 8 月) Android 7.0(API 级别 24)的初始版本。如需了解详情,请参阅 Android 7.0 API 概览。 依赖项

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Note: A Android KitKat version was released exclusively for Android wear devices with an API level of 20 on Jun 25, 2014. In a way, it was Danger's services that were being sold rather than the hardware. Rubin was removed from the company Danger, but soon enough he founded Android Inc. When it was founded it was a purely software based company with no products to sell for 2 years API level 29 worked for me, I just tried building with Unity 2019.4.3f1, I selected API Level 29 from the Target API Level dropdown in player settings. Then when I started the build, it asked me to upgrade the installed API level to 29, I hit upgrade and it downloaded the API level and build succeeded, checked in the Unity Hub installed folder and the SDK for API 29 is now installed there. 7.0 and Up (API level 24) - Two system broadcasts have been disabled, Action_New_Picture and Action_New_Video (but they were brought back in Android O for registered receivers) 8.0 and Up (API. Android Versions. The development of the Android operating system was started in 2003 by Android, Inc. Later on, it was purchased by Google in 2005. The beta version of Android OS was released on November 5, 2007, while the software development kit (SDK) was released on November 12, 2007.. The first Android mobile was publicly released with Android 1.0 of the T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) in. This means that starting August 1, 2020, all new apps will have to target API level 29 and so will all updates by November 1, 2020. You may have now less than a year head of you to make sure.

在Android系统中向下兼容性比较差,但是一个应用APP经过处理还是可以在各个版本间运行的。向下兼容性不好,不同版本的系统其API版本也不同,自然有些接口也不同,新的平台不能使用旧的API,旧的平 [C-0-1] Android device implementations MUST preload the AOSP implementation of both the shared library ExtShared and services ExtServices with versions higher than or equal to the minimum versions allowed per each API level. For example, Android 7.0 device implementations, running API level 24 MUST include at least version 1. 3.2

Android 7.0 ist die kommende Version von Googles Mobilbetriebssystem, das auf Smartphone, Tablets und Set-Top-Boxen läuft Marshmallow (Android version 6.0, API Level 23) is the latest release of Android, and includes a set of new APIs for developers to use. If you've developed an app for other versions of Android, you'll want to make sure your app runs well against this latest release, and we've provided a range of Device Profiles to make sure you can test against the top devices that support or will soon. Before installing emulator, I would recommend to install any Linux based distro or Santoku, which is especially designed for mobile pentesting.Installing Santoku is out of scope in this write-up, but you can follow up this guide to setup.. 1. Genymotion. When starting out learning, android emulators are the great way to get experience with a variety of devices having different API levels.

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Android 10(API レベル 29)以降では、onTopResumedActivityChanged() コールバックに登録して、アプリのアクティビティが一番に再開される位置を獲得したときと失ったときに通知を受けることができます。 うわぁ.. クソ面倒なものが追加されましたね Android操作系统是一个由Google和开放手持设备联盟共同开发发展的移动设备操作系统,其最早的一个版本Android 1.0 beta发布于2007年11月5日,2021年3月25经发布了多个更新。这些更新版本都在前一个版本的基础上修复了Bug并且添加了前一个版本所没有的新功能 Other new APIs. getKnoxServiceId: In Android 10 and higher, a device's IMEI and SN are no longer accessible by device apps that are not the device owner or profile owner.To work around this, IT admins can set up a custom device ID through theKnox Configure console > Device details > Custom ID. Device apps that are neither a device nor profile owner can then use this API to identify a device Facebook SDK for Android. This documentation describes how to integrate your Android app with Facebook to build engaging social apps by using the Facebook SDK for Android. To learn more about using Facebook development tools, see App Development.. The current version of the Facebook SDK for Android is version 11.2.0 and requires the Android API 15 When a device goes from just working to actually making life easier, Android is behind it. It's the reason your GPS avoids traffic, your watch can text and your Assistant can answer questions. It's the operating system inside 2.5 billion active devices. Everything from 5G phones to stunning tablets, Android powers them all

0.62.0 Android API level 16 broken: Flipper facebook/react-native#28481 Closed Filmaluco added a commit to blocoio/blockstack-android that referenced this issue Oct 20, 202 API Level 28 for Titanium version older than 8.3.0. Icon. * If you are building an Android module, you need to have Android SDK 6.0.x (API 23) installed if using Release 6.0.0 and greater. ** The Titanium SDK does not support the Android 4.4W SDK (API 20), also known as the Android Wear SDK

I just updated to Visual Studio 16.1 and it seems this new update is corrupt, at least for Xamarin components. Upon opening an Android solution, after a few seconds, a window appears that prompts me to accept agreement for SDK Tools 28.0.3. I click accept and the UAC dialog appears and I click · i had the same problem once, try. Upgrading to 7.2.0. FB.API now targets v2.5 of the Graph API by default. In order to prepare for this change remove any explicit versioning in Graph API calls. eg: change v2.2/me/picture to me/picture. Unity SDK, Upgrading from 6.x to 7.x. The Unity SDK now requires a minimum Android SDK of API level 15 or above Android 5.0 or later (that is, API Level 21 and up) armv7a and x86, arm64-v8 and x86_64: Clang as provided by Google, MinGW 8.1: RHEL 7.x (x86_64), macOS 10.15, Windows 10 (x86_64) The following list summarizes what you can do with Qt for Android: Run Widget-based and QML applications on a device or an emulator Two years after the release of Android KitKat, there are 2 new operation modes introduced to Android M (Android 6.0 / API 23). They are Doze and App Standby. They both further interrupt the scheduled alarm when device is not plugged in with a power supply. When user turns screen off and does not plug in any power supply, device goes to Doze mode 或造成提示升级 UnityException: Minimum platform required is Android 6.0 (API level 23) UnityEditor.Android.PostProcessor.Tasks.CheckAndroidSdk.EnsureSDKPlatformAPI的错误 这种情况下只需要下载对应的API后把platforms文件夹下的子文件夹改成正确的命名就可以打包

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This is the solution to Unity not recognising the SDK, by the way - go to Android Studio edit preferences sdk manager, de-select hide obsolete and select show detail, then expand the level 26 sdk and select the tools for installation, apply, ok, and boom, your sdk location will be recognised by Unity

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